DLC-Celtic Figure Designs Art

Product Name: DLC-03 -Tree Circle of life
  • Model: DLC-03 -Tree Circle of life

Tree Circle Of life Celtic Art  Handmade Paper Journal  : This is the Handmade Paper Diary with the Leather Covers Journal . On this Leather Cover the said artistic Design  has Embossed on front.     :- The Borders and the Back design may be different  in the supply. Its always varies until an unless  specially indicated.     :- The Paper used in the diary are  handmade cotton paper in Plain white. On demand this may be changed with handmade paper Flower Gas Mottled , Jute Mottled , Off weight Papers , Pitch color paper  etc .  The Diary Contained 100 leaf (200 Sides) of 100 GSM  Available in different sizes.     :- To See Sizes , Binding Pattern , Closing Pattern Literature Click  Product Literature  . and for The General Queries may Click FAQ

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Title Price Weight Qty.
[ +$3.50 ] [+360gms]
[ +$2.75 ] [+300gms]
[ +$1.20 ] [+130gms]