DLC-Diaries - Leather Cover

  The Diaries Are made with the Handmade Paper and the Bounded with the Leather Cover  

DLG-Geometrical Design Art Cover
 The Dieries With the Leather Cover , Having the Design of Geomatricl Pattern ,  We Also Provide  the Costomised Design as per your requirement 

DLP-Diary Leathers Plain Covers
Handmade Leather Journal in plain cover with different colors, painting patterns, Zalli designs-------120 pages with 240 sides-----in different sizes-------Customised logos

DLF-Diary Figure Embosing Art
Indian Handmade Leather Journal with handtooled embossed figure in Traditional Gods - Ganesha, Krishna, Natraj, Shiva, Buddha, Jesus ----Animal Figures - Elephant, Camel, Peacock,Horse, fish--------Journal contains 120 pages with 240...

DLC-Celtic Figure Designs Art
The Handmade Journal Binded in leather cover with celtic design patterns , Figure are based on celtic culture & celtic art works . New & innovative patterns of creative celtic design such as celtic tree of shadows ,  celtic...

DLD-Diary Desiger Cover Art
Indian Handmade Leather Journal with handtooled embossing in general wtih magnificient design patterns --------With 120 pages and 240 sides --------In different sizes------Customisation option is open

DLM-Diary Metal Monogram Art
 Handmade Paper Diary with the leather cover and the Metal monogram Affix on  the covers 

DLS-Diary Stone & Side Stich Art
Handmade Leather diary Journal from India with semi precious stones stitched in the centre, side stitched  and hand tooled designs along with it --------120 pages with 240 sides-------in different sizes